7 Dental Care Tips that you must follow!

7 Dental Care Tips that you must follow!

Feb 08, 2017

Dental hygiene contributes significantly to the overall healthy body. Maintain the proper oral health will guarantee you long lasting teeth and give you the confidence to put a bright smile.

Although visiting your dentist twice a year is wise, it isn’t enough; how you take care of your teeth for the remaining time matters a lot. The following tips highlight the best way to care for your tooth.

1. Proper Brushing With the Right Toothbrush

Choose the toothbrush with soft bristles and an easy to grip handle. It should reach even the far teeth and every corner of your mouth. The brush should make an approximate angle of 45 degrees with the gum line.

While cleaning, put emphasis on the following areas;

  • Both the interior and exterior surfaces of the teeth, not forgetting the gums
  • The tongue surface
  • The roof of the mouth

By daily cleaning your tongue, you will be preventing halitosis. Consider using a dentist’s certified tongue cleaner for best results.

2. Regular Flossing

Since brushing may not remove all the food remains in the mouth or at times you might forget about brushing, flossing is recommended at least twice a day. Hidden food particles for example between the teeth can then be accessed.

3. Stay Away From Tobacco

The smoking of tobacco may lead to oral cancer and other periodontal disorders. At the same time, abstaining from smoking tobacco may force you to use other substances to mask the strong smell of tobacco in the mouth.

4. Avoid or Cut Down the Consumption of Sugary Snacks

To lessen the chance of developing tooth cavity, avert the use of sweets, soda and sugary foods in particular between the meals. The sugars lead to the production of acids which then contaminates the teeth and hence leads to holes. If you must consume them, then stick to meal times so that the saliva counterbalances their adverse effects.

5. Regularly Visit Your Dentist

A regular visit and dental health examination by your dentist in Mississauga, ON, are necessary. Minor tooth infections are then identified and corrected in time before they lead to tooth loss.

6. Stick to a Fluoride Toothpaste.

Scientific studies suggest that fluoride can help thwart cavities and also renovate the tooth enamel. According to the American Dental Association, even kids below three years should use a smear of the fluoride-rich toothpaste. Pea sized fluoride paste is suitable for children between three to six years.

7. Drink Plenty of Water

Besides being a major factor to maintain a healthy body, water has a role in our oral health. For example, when someone is addicted to smoking or drinking alcohol, his mouth dries up. It’s also a major component of the saliva, which keeps our mouths moistened.

Many people are aware they should take care of their teeth yet ignore. However, if you look at it in the bigger perspective, you will realize how important it is. Did you know that poor dental hygiene can lead to diabetes, heart diseases, and distorted speech?

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