Dental First Aid

Dental First Aid

Feb 02, 2016

Whenever the word emergency is mentioned it brings in an indication of the urgency that is required in taking a particular action. Normally, time is of the essence when dealing with emergency issues and accessing the help you need at such a time will bring about a sigh of relief. Dental emergency Mississauga is one of the services that respond to urgent issues at the time need.

There are a number of dental services that take care of most if not all dental emergencies and it will be important to trace the nearest facility that offers such services within your locality. Some of the emergency cases include;

  • Tooth pain – this is perhaps one of the most common dental emergencies and there are those who assume some slight pain in their teeth and this eventually makes the problem worse. Should you experience this problem you need to avoid anything that is too cold or hot and you can use recommended medication. Something important to note is that the medication should not be placed either on the gum or tooth.
  • Knocked – out Adult tooth – you can address this situation by rinsing the tooth and putting it back to the socket, in mail or water with salt in it or under the tongue. If you can access the services of a dentist in 30 minutes, replanting is possible. Adult replacement challenges are basically experienced if re-implanted baby teeth have already fused with the bone.
  • Dental trauma – if you have experienced physical injury on your mouth or head that may have caused some dental injury, you need to seek medical attention as soon as you can.
  •  Chipped or broken tooth – you may need a crown and some root canal treatment if a large piece of your tooth broke off but if it was small in size, you can retain the pieces because they can be bonded to your original tooth.
  • Suspected fracture on the jaw – this may happen if you are not in a position to use it as you should or when some sharp pain has been experienced. When this is the case, you can tie a cloth around it first and thereafter make your way to hospital. Once at the hospital, the jaw may be wired to aid in the healing process or repaired through a surgical process.
    In the event that you experience dental emergency, before you can seek the services of dental emergency Mississauga, get to address the situation with possible first aid solutions to be on the safe side.

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