Dental Guide: How to Go About a Dental Emergency

Dental Guide: How to Go About a Dental Emergency

Jul 16, 2016

Just like any other part of the body, teeth problems or discomforts can occur anytime of the day/night. What basically triggers these discomforts is the fact that people don’t pay much attention to their dental health. Whereas other teeth related problems are purely accidental. So whether the issue is accidental or not, dental emergencies must be handled immediately.

The following are some basics on how you can handle dental emergencies.

Chipped/cracked/broken tooth
1st step – rinse your mouth with warm water
2nd step – place a cold compress on the affected area to avoid swelling
3rd step – call your dentist or a local dental emergency room

Knocked out tooth
1st step — pick the tooth by the crown. Don’t touch the root
2nd step – try and place the tooth in the socket. If cannot be repositioned put it in milk, in between your cheek and gums or in a tooth preservation kit.
3rd step – keep the tooth moist always
4th step – take the tooth to your dentist or the nearest emergency dental clinic if you want it to be saved.

Dental crown falls off
1st step – immediately call your dentist and schedule an appointment
2nd step – clean the crown and the affected tooth area gently. Both the tooth and the crown should be as dry as possible.
3rd step – put your crown back on using temporary dental cement from the drugstore
4th step – don’t chew anything hard on the re-cemented crown before seeing a dentist

1st step — get over the counter pain reliever
2nd step – rinse your mouth with warm salty water and floss gently
3rd step – put cold compresses on the affected area
4th step – call your dentist immediately if you’re still in pain

Gum Swelling
1st step — brush and floss constantly
2nd step – rinse your mouth with salty water
3rd step – see a dentist if the irritation persists

Broken braces/ cause pain
There are no short cuts in this scenario. This is a dental emergency that needs immediate intervention. Call an orthodontist in Mississauga and schedule an appointment.

Object stuck between teeth
Use dental floss by sliding it gently up and down severally. Do not use any sharp object. If you fail to remove the object after several attempts, see your dentist.

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