How to Choose the Right Zirconia Teeth and Crowns for Your Needs?

How to Choose the Right Zirconia Teeth and Crowns for Your Needs?

Jul 01, 2023

When matters related to choosing dental crowns are concerned, you have different choices. Therefore, making a suitable selection might be overwhelming, especially if you need to know which dental crown best suits your needs.

This blog post explains different dental crown versions, offering tips to select the best option for your needs. Whether you want durability or an aesthetic choice, we can help you choose the best crowns for your smile.

Different Versions of Dental Crowns

All Porcelain

All porcelain crowns have long been considered as realistic and natural. They are incredibly stunning and an excellent option. In addition, porcelain does not adhere to temperatures. Therefore during the placement of porcelain crowns, sharpness to hot and cold foods and drinks is minimized.

All porcelain crowns are ideal for some teeth in your mouth. This is because porcelain simultaneously has robust and weak features. As a result, porcelain is more vital than tooth enamel and can wear the teeth in the opposing jaw.

Gold Crowns

For excellent reasons, gold has been used in dentistry for decades. Gold is a noncorrosive metal with incredible durability in the mouth. In addition, it is mild in the teeth and is an effective solution that works excellently on the molars. However, in spite of its benefits of being an excellent option for every tooth or patient, because gold can support and preserve healthy tooth structure because of its robustness and durability despite being thin, most patients would express reluctance to have a good crown on the anterior teeth.


Zirconia, alternatively called zirconium dioxide, is a white crystalline oxide with a zirconium base. Zirconia takes on a cubic shape when producing the synthetic diamond-like rock called cubic zirconia. In addition, zirconia crowns have been researched and adopted in dentistry for a long time to manufacture different ceramics, including dental restorations.

Zirconia represents a perfect base for porcelain because it’s bonding with the material is more robust than with gold and porcelain. Unfortunately, the reality that zirconia is metal has benefits and downsides. For example, Zirconia is transparent and dental crowns in Mississauga, ON, can tint the crown to match your teeth. However, although zirconia does not react like a metal in the mouth, you may have severe metal sensitivity and may want to be examined for reactions before receiving zirconia teeth.

Selecting the Ideal Dental Crown for Your Needs

Zeroing in on the suitable dental crown for your teeth is complicated because every option has benefits and downsides. Therefore you must consider which dental crown suits your needs the best. The ultimate decision can influence your tooth shape. Therefore discuss your concerns when selecting a dental crown with the Mississauga provider when seeking dental restorations. The Mississauga dentist will ensure they satisfy your goals of having a natural-looking smile by putting in plenty of effort to help you achieve the ideal dental shade.

When seeking restorations like dental crowns, it helps if you discuss the different versions of repairs dentists can offer. The most suitable restoration for your teeth depends on your preferences and needs. Therefore you must debate your options with the Mississauga dentist and listen to their suggestions because they are the experts with the knowledge to help you choose an excellent dental crown to complement your smile.

When discussing dental crowns with the Mississauga dentist, remember to ask about the dental crown procedure, which requires tooth structure removal, and at least two appointments with them before you can restore your tooth. You must also endure local anesthesia during the tooth structure removal process and wear temporary crowns over the affected tooth for approximately three weeks because the dental crown needs application from a technician in a dental laboratory.

After three weeks, you can revisit the Mississauga dentist when the dental lab has returned your permanent restoration. The second appointment with the dentist will not be intensive because they merely remove the temporary crown on your tooth and check the colour and fit of the permanent restoration. If everything is acceptable, the dentist uses special dental cement on the crown before bonding it over your affected tooth as a restoration that will remain with you for a decade or more with proper care.

When considering restorations for your tooth with dental crowns, it helps if you seek assistance from your dentist and choose a repair based on their recommendations for optimal results.

If you want to restore damaged or decayed teeth with zirconia crowns, Pearl Dental Care can help you achieve your goal. Please meet with them today to discuss which dental crown best suits your requirements and receive it from them in a couple of appointments.

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