Prosthetics, Metal-free Ceramic Crowns, and Dental Bridges

Prosthetics, Metal-free Ceramic Crowns, and Dental Bridges

Oct 17, 2015

Practice provides services for the development of all kinds of prosthetics, today with an emphasis on metal-free ceramic crowns and bridges, prosthetics on implants, and all types of prostheses. We produce prosthetic devices that can work in the most clinics in the world. Our therapeutic solutions are characterized by quality of craftsmanship, aesthetic and function. We use a number of different procedures, which often combines venire, crowns, bridges, correction form composite or we can completely change your look, i.e. to create a harmonious, beautiful and natural smile.

The individualized plan and access, we solve the most demanding prosthetic cases. In collaboration with leading dental laboratories, we provide quality results and maximum aesthetic effect of fixed and removable restorations.

Our cosmetic dentistry Mississauga offers:

Metal-free ceramic crowns

Do you want dazzling, white smile that looks natural? Then, metal-free crowns in our office right solution for you! The modern way of life dictates to us the perfect smile without visible fillings on front teeth and gray-stained teeth or gums. Metal-free crowns combine all your aesthetic and functional requirements. Preparation of teeth for making metal-free crowns begins by grinding which, in our practice, is completely painless. After each grinding of teeth, you will get a temporary crown that looks good and with which you can perform common daily activities. Temporary crowns remain on the teeth until you get the final.

Systems of metal-free ceramic restorations are biocompatible with the tissues of the oral cavity. Even the patients with allergies or otherwise weakened immune system will not have any negative reaction related to such compensation. Also, with such crowns, the occurrence of hypersensitivity to thermal stimuli, as well as changes in sense of taste is avoided. Your metal-free ceramic crowns are fully integrated with the gums to give a natural look of dental series. Besides the crown, it is possible to create metal-free bridges and even ceramic crowns on implants.

Dental bridges

The lack of one or more teeth, in addition to significantly reduce the quality of your oral health, function of chewing and speech, seriously undermines the beauty of your smile. Our cosmetic dentistry Mississauga can change this! The lack of one or more teeth can be successfully rehabilitated by bridges made of metal-ceramic or pure “zirconia” ceramics. Filling the space of missing teeth, dental bridge preserves the integrity of existing teeth. Unlike dentures, bridges are cemented on the abutments and cannot be removed from mouth. The development process is relatively simple and it is similar to a dental crown.

Removable dentures

There are patients, who have not lost all teeth, but we cannot make dental bridges, we rehabilitate them with partial dentures. They may work in combination with fixed restoration (crowns or bridges). Depending on the indication and the desired aesthetic effect, we are using individual systems from a wide selection of elements for stabilization of denture (hooks, bars…). Such dentures are quite graceful, not uncomfortable to wear and can give very good aesthetic effect.

Get yourself a long smile, because you deserve it! Our cosmetic dentistry in Mississauga will make your smile beautiful!

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