Partials and Full Dentures in Mississauga, ON

As humans age, it is common for the gums to weaken and for the teeth to become loose or permanently fall out. In fact, past the age of 40, more and more individuals suddenly find themselves struggling to manage permanent damage to their teeth caused by long-term damage, decay, and malnutrition. Although losing teeth is a natural process, it can have numerous negative effects on the body.

For example, individuals who lose more than one or two teeth are likely to suffer from issues like partial facial collapse, malnutrition from difficulty eating, and jawbone thinning. At Pearl Dental Care, we want to help you avoid these conditions by using our state-of-the-art technology to create partials and full dentures from our family dentist in Mississauga, ON.

We understand it can be embarrassing for our patients to admit they are losing teeth, so we maintain a professional and confidential environment. We are non-judgmental and focus solely on your care to help you recover and maintain a healthy smile.

The Roles of Partials and Dentures

The mouth and jaws form a complicated structure made of bone, muscle, and a variety of tissues. When you lose your teeth, this structure starts to weaken and decay because the muscles are not being exercised properly.

To help you avoid long-lasting issues, our specialists create partial and full dentures. These dental appliances replace your missing teeth with synthetic ones that support your face and make it easier to eat, bite, and chew. In addition to their numerous health benefits, dentures can also improve your confidence and self-esteem by helping you avoid the stigma of missing teeth.

The Difference between Partials and Full Dentures

We have two options available at Pearl Dental Care – Partials and full dentures. Partials are designed for individuals who still have several of their permanent teeth. A partial will fit around your remaining teeth while replacing the teeth that are gone.

Full dentures, on the other hand, replace an entire jaw of missing teeth. These can be implanted directly into the jawbone or held in place during the day with a temporary dental cement.

Visit our Mississauga dentist to know more about partials and dentures in Mississauga, ON.

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