The Risks of Neglecting Professional Teeth Cleaning in Mississauga

The Risks of Neglecting Professional Teeth Cleaning in Mississauga

Aug 01, 2023

Teeth cleanings are an essential part of your preventive oral hygiene routine. Cleanings are performed by licensed dental hygienists with training and skills to eliminate plaque, tartar, and discoloration that are practically impossible to remove by brushing and flossing.

Unfortunately, many people overlook the necessity of dental exam services when they also receive teeth cleaning, thinking it is unnecessary because they maintain excellent dental hygiene. However, dentists differ and recommend cleaning your teeth twice yearly is beneficial for various reasons.

The Essentiality of Teeth Cleanings

The dentist in Mississauga confirms dental cleanings are essential because they help eliminate hardened plaque and discoloration on your teeth; regular brushing and flossing do not eliminate. The hygienist best removes hardened plaque using specialized tools while checking your mouth for indicators of gingivitis, periodontal disease, oral cancer and other problems that might remain undetected if you refrain from visiting your dentist for teeth cleanings.

What Happens When You Avoid Dental Cleanings?

Regular preventive dental exams and cleaning in Mississauga, ON, help identify problems in your mouth early before they aggravate, besides preventing other issues. If you frequently miss exams and cleanings, you can expect the below-mentioned issues to affect you.

  • Cavities: tooth decay and cavities occur beneath the hardened plaque because brushing and flossing do not help eliminate them. Tooth decay also occurs between the teeth making it challenging to clean at home and best cleared by a dental hygienist.
  • Gum Disease: When dental plaque and tartar irritate your gums, you become a victim of gum disease. This condition inflames your gums, causing tiny pockets around your teeth, permitting more bacteria and food particles to remain trapped in them and further causing irritation. Eventually, it leads to periodontal disease resulting in tooth and bone loss. However, a straightforward teeth cleaning helps prevent gum disease by detecting it early and suggesting preventive measures.
  • Halitosis: you can also develop bad breath or halitosis from the hardened plaque that is challenging to remove at home. Bad breath is embarrassing and also emanates from bacteria on your tongue. During dental cleanings, dentists can assess your breath by performing exams to ensure they suggest remedies to overcome the problem.
  • Oral Cancer Risk: You may think you are not at risk of oral cancer. However, dental cleanings help the dentist to identify abnormal patches in your mouth that might indicate mouth cancer early to receive treatment before it aggravates.
  • Tooth Loss: When you neglect them, you will eventually seek replacement solutions for your natural teeth. The hardened tartar and bacteria filling the pockets around your teeth will weaken your jawbone, making tooth loss inevitable.
  • Pregnancy Complications: pregnancy causes hormonal changes in the body, making you vulnerable to infections and gum disease, which can also affect your baby. As oral infections spread through your bloodstream, it can result in premature birth or low birth weight if you do not receive timely treatment. Therefore you must not neglect dental visits even during pregnancy.
  • Overall Health Risks: Improper oral hygiene is associated with many health conditions like heart attacks, diabetes, stroke, hypertension, et cetera. The conditions that result from whatever is ingested by your mouth are absorbed by the bloodstream. If you have a mouth full of bacteria and do not maintain appropriate oral hygiene, you introduce harmful germs and bacteria in your bloodstream to compromise your overall well-being.

What Does Teeth Cleaning Entail?

Teeth cleaning in Mississauga are painless and straightforward. The dentist will not administer anesthesia and will complete the exam and cleaning within the hour. Generally, teeth cleanings entail an examination of the teeth, dental plaque and tartar removal, teeth polishing, flossing demonstrations, fluoride treatment and oral hygiene recommendations.

Getting your mouth examined and cleaned helps you display a beautiful smile because the teeth polishing makes your smile appear bright, allowing you to show it. The hardened plaque and tartar removal discolour your teeth, and the cleaning helps remove it, making your teeth appear brighter to instill confidence in you and make you feel you are appearing your best.

Dental cleanings in Mississauga or elsewhere help keep your mouth and overall health in excellent condition by preventing mouth bacteria from entering your body, requiring treatments from different medical professionals. However, if you neglect professional teeth cleanings, you become susceptible to the risks described above, needing expensive and invasive therapies from dentists that will break the bank.

The risks of neglecting professional teeth cleanings are numerous. Therefore arrange a consultation with Pearl Dental Center for your next dental exam and learn what complications you must endure if you fail dental visits.

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