Tips from your Family Dentist for Back to School Dental Care

Tips from your Family Dentist for Back to School Dental Care

Aug 27, 2016

Heading back to school with the latest jeans, hoodie and backpack, is likely high on your child’s list of “cares”, but as a parent you likely also want to ensure your child is well prepared for school mentally and physically. That is why having a dental checkup and cleaning is a great idea when you’re making your “back to school” plans.

A healthy mouth and a bright white smile is perhaps one of the most important features your child can arrive to school with. Just as your child is immunized for a variety of illnesses to prevent disease, so too does healthy oral habits aid in maintaining optimal health. In fact, tooth decay affects children far more than any other chronic infectious disease, yet nearly 20% of children have untreated dental concerns.

The back to school dental visits include the examination of the whole mouth, teeth, gums and jaws. We monitor jaw growth and development and make orthodontic recommendations as needed.

It is also the right time to review your family’s nutrition and diet. Decay is on the rise due to the high consumption of sticky food, gummy vitamins, starchy snacks, juice, sports and soft drinks. Good snacks and lunches should include fruits, vegetables, milk, yogurt, cheese, nuts… If kids eat in the school cafeteria, we should  talk about making smart eating choices and reducing  the consumption of sugar.

Preventive measures are discussed at these dental visits. We recommend sealants to protect newly erupted teeth, the use of fluoride to strengthen enamel and restorative procedures when indicated. We also discuss mouth protection and the importance of wearing well fitted sports guards during PE and organized sports to prevent mouth trauma.

When buying school supplies, it is a good idea to stock up on tooth brushes, floss and fluoride rinses. It is recommended to change brushes every 3 months and after an illness. As a reminder, change brushes after each report card.

  • Back pack, check
  • Booster shots, check
  • Back to school dental visit, check

A healthy and cavity free child is happy and confident. We wish all students and parents a wonderful, productive and healthy new school year!!!

Learning more about your teeth is fun! Make an appointment for your child’s back to school dentist visit. Call our office at 905-826-3363. We serve our dental services in Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Streetsville, Oakville, Meadowvale, Milton, Ontario.


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