Top 5 Dental Tips For A Healthy Mouth And Beautiful Smile

Top 5 Dental Tips For A Healthy Mouth And Beautiful Smile

Sep 15, 2017

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile which is why good oral hygiene is essential. Our teeth not only help us chew and talk, but also let us look good. Poor oral hygiene won’t only affect self-esteem but can also cause several dental and medical problems in the future.
To keep your teeth in tip-top shape, here are a few tips for a healthy and beautiful smile.

1. Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Pain shouldn’t be the only reason why you’re visiting your dentist. You should visit your dentist at least twice a year or every 6 months to prevent any further development of decay or any dental problems.

2. Use a Proper Brushing Technique

You might be brushing your teeth for so long now, but still don’t know how to properly brush your teeth. Take note that horizontal brushing can cause gums to recede. Try placing your toothbrush 45-degrees near the gum line and brush in an up-and-down motion. This removes plaque gently without exerting too much force on your gums.

3. Floss at Least Once a Day

This is one of home oral care routine that we always fail to do – or are too lazy to do. Flossing will aid in getting rid of food debris that accumulated in between your teeth. If not removed, it can turn to plaque and harden which will destroy your teeth. Try getting a floss holder (i.e. FlossAid) to make flossing easier.

4. Stop Snacking

Frequent snacking makes our mouth environment more acidic. The more sugar we eat, the more we feed these tiny creatures in our mouth. When fed, bacteria produces acids that softens the outer layer of the teeth which results to decay. Eating frequently won’t allow the mouth acidity level to drop.

5. Brush 30 Minutes After Eating

Several studies have shown that brushing right after eating or drinking can cause more damage to our teeth. As previously mentioned, our mouth is acidic after eating or drinking – especially acidic and sugary food and beverages. Brushing after eating will only let acid to be scratched more to the tooth surface. It is recommended to drink a lot of water after eating or drinking sugary beverages and wait for 30 minutes before brushing the teeth.

Oral hygiene care must be given high importance to prevent a cavity or decayed teeth. Follow these tips to make your smile appear not only beautiful but also help to keep your mouth healthy.

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