What You Should Know About Zirconia Dental Crowns

What You Should Know About Zirconia Dental Crowns

Jun 01, 2020

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped oral appliances that are fashioned for repairing different oral problems. their versatility is amazing, which explains why they are highly relied on in Pearl Dental Care. Dentist in Mississauga often use tooth crowns to support the framework of teeth, particularly after tooth decay, a dental filling procedure, or even a traumatic event. All around, teeth crowns have been known to strengthen weak teeth. If a dentist recommends them to you, then your teeth require the extra reinforcement, if they are to serve you longer in life.

More About Dental Crowns

Teeth crowns come in different forms and types. The types are differentiated based on the materials used to make them. Dental experts have made sure that there are dental caps of all kinds of materials, so much so that there is something for everyone. Fortunately, yours is only to make a decision on the type of crown you would like, from the alternatives the dentist presents you. The types include:

  • 1. Gold dental crowns – they feature gold materials
  • 2. Porcelain fused to metal – the main material is porcelain or ceramic material
  • 3. Zirconia crowns
  • 4. While many types of dental crowns exist, today we focus more on zirconia crowns. Read on to find out what they are and why they may be it for you.

What Are Zirconia Crowns?

They are types of dental crowns made of zirconium dioxide. This is a unique material to use in dentistry. It closely is related to titanium material that is used to make dental implants. The zirconium dioxide material is very durable, given it is a type of metal. Even then, in dentistry, this type of crown is categorized as ceramic dental crowns.

Why Choose Zirconia Oral Crowns?

Amidst the many types of oral crowns that exist, one may wonder why this type of metal is preferred for dental crowns. In fact, zirconia teeth crowns are increasing in popularity every day, as patients are getting to know more about them. One way to appreciate their usage in dentistry in by considering the following benefits:

  • 1. Strength and sturdiness – if you can relate is to titanium metal, then it is clear that the material used for these dental crowns is very strong and sturdy. This strength is what assures you of its durability. It also explains why these types of dental crowns are used to repair the back teeth. they are sturdy enough to withstand the pressure that comes with heavy chewing.
  • 2. Longevity – when compared to other types of dental crowns, these last just as well over 5 years as the rest. This means you can have them for up to 20 years or more, based on how well you care for them.
  • 3. Biocompatibility – one of the primary concerns for dental experts when it comes to oral crowns is their compatibility with the body of the patients. Some bodies are subject to allergic reactions from different materials. Zirconia crowns rarely have such responses on patients.
  • 4. Fast procedure – these oral crowns can be generated and installed on same-day procedures, saving you tons of time and energy that would otherwise be spent on several dental visits.

Using Porcelain with Zirconia

As you would expect, zirconia oral crowns are not as cosmetically appealing as porcelain crowns are. It can be difficult to match them to the natural color of your teeth, because of its opacity. In that case, a dentist will layer porcelain on top of the zirconia dental crown to achieve better cosmetic results. However, be sure to have your dentist break down the consequences that might be involved by adding the extra layer of porcelain. A great example is that the new layers make the crown a lot more likely to chip and crack with time.

Costs of Zirconia Oral Crowns

These types of dental crowns tend to be expensive. They can cost more than all other types of dental crowns. They come at a price of between $1000 and $2500. The price range will change from one dentist to another. Besides. The geographical location you are in can influence the cost just as much. Be sure to inquire with your Mississauga dentist about this factor. Also, consult your insurance company to find out whether they can cover part of the cost, given that dental crowns are not usually covered by insurance.

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